Thriving in the Days of Covid-19


Finally, a COVID-19 handbook for everyone arrives armed with a just-the-science-please narrative…

“Written in an easy, conversational style, this book gave me a lot to think about. It’s scientific without being too clinical or condescending.” Amazon Reviewer Caprice Hokstad

A startlingly clear work that describes the COVID-19 pandemic from a personal perspective, told with a totally refreshing political neutrality uncorrupted by conspiracy theories. Thriving in the Days of COVID-19 is an intelligent, how-to-effectively-cope guide, crafted by a career scientist, framed by a sane and rational candidness that describes and defines the COVID-19 crisis personally, one-on-one, and lays out the pandemic with disarming clarity.

Retired NASA Space Life Scientist and Bioengineer Dennis Chamberland identifies and negotiates your most intimate COVID-19 concerns and the reality of a global pandemic playing itself out within your life, home, and private world. The book is sprinkled with humor and expertly flavored with the author’s NASA background woven throughout, utilizing relevant space exploration illustrations and viewpoints.

Dennis Chamberland depicts the pandemic as an unexpected mission assignment – one of the most critical and crucial of your life. For the assignment, you are not a passive victim but the active, key commander in this most vital, life-altering mission.


You have critical command and control over your final destination – plus the ability to thrive during the pandemic, and when you arrive safe and well on the other side of it! Thriving in the Days of COVID-19 describes the crisis as it really is – not a hunker-down-catastrophe that can only bleach the world white with fear. Nor is it an elaborate hoax. Dr. Chamberland offers each of us extraordinary insight into how we can develop and employ a scientific thought process to stay safe, and how we can prepare and thrive, right now – and in the new and different world that will inevitably follow after.


 “Dennis Chamberland has a terrific scientific background, a life experience that is so different than most and is absolutely pertinent to how to survive in a hostile environment that can actually kill anyone if they do not thoughtfully and successfully navigate through these pandemic issues.”

Max Wallace, Founder and Lead - COVID-19 Scientific Review Team.


Thriving in the Days of COVID-19 moves you to the head of the survive-and-thrive class without all the ridiculous and dangerous politics, bogus conspiracy theories, and rampant confusion. It is a book that focuses exclusively on the science and you – leaving the government, the herd, and the historic mess behind you forever. Finally, a resource that elevates reason above the deadly ongoing collective 21st-century psychosis.

Today, as we look around, just about everyone knows what an epically ugly mess things are turning out to be! So why not hear about the pandemic from the viewpoint of a space life scientist?

Dennis Chamberland – NASA bioengineer, space life scientist, explorer, and award-winning nuclear engineer – shares his extraordinary insights into COVID-19 after a career of designing advanced life support systems for the most inhospitable worlds in the solar system. He describes how to view the pandemic with the eyes and mind of a scientist that will enable you to survive and thrive!

Featuring 40 Chapters and two Appendices, the print version is 380 pages, illustrated throughout.