Without notice, an insane military Commander of the Reunified Soviet Empire releases every nuclear weapon at once from the greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons on earth.  It was an all-or-nothing gamble to achieve instant domination of the planet.  What the Soviet Commander does not know is that the automated nuclear systems of the west will retaliate and doom the planet to a nuclear destruction far worse than anyone’s nightmare in an extinction level event.  

 Aaron Seven must now save a handful of humans trapped beneath the radioactive clouds and blizzards caused by the planetary war.  The earth becomes uninhabitable and the closest haven of safety is on Mars.  Aaron Seven is forced to command an antique rocket from a Kansas silo, somehow rendezvous with the United States space station and, by force, steal its interplanetary spacecraft.  He has no choice but to depart earth orbit for Mars with inadequate supplies.  Time has run out.  

In this Aaron Seven adventure, misfortune, time and the vast distances of interplanetary space conspire to wage another war against Seven and his tiny cluster of survivors.  Whether he makes it to Mars or not will determine the fate of human survival for everyone on both planets. 

- 600 pages - 

Available in softcover and all popular electronic book formats.

Abyss of Space
Aaron Seven

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