Dennis Chamberland
Biographcal Sketch

    I warned you fairly.  From here on the resolution grain increases non-linearly.

     I guess we begin this with a question:  How much about Dennis Chamberland do you really want to know?  It's all here - all of the glorious past I felt safe to publish without the reader having to then go and obtain therapy after the review, and even that remains questionable.

    So there you have it - your fair warning, you're single, non-repeated cautionary note.  If you are really curious, then suit yourself.  So - no criticisms, please.  If you go on, you have been fairly warned and you'll get more than what you set out after.

     In any case, enjoy your trip!

(The picture above is from Dynotopia of course - I have always loved its dangerous, adolescent creativity.)

Yes, I have read the warnings and want to go on...