Undersea Colonies

Of all one hundred billion humans who have ever lived, not a single one has gone to live permanently undersea.  While we have had the technology to settle this vast, three dimensional domain for over half a century, it remains empty of outposts, colonies or cities – or even of a single settler.  While its immense territory covers nearly three quarters of the globe, no one has ever gone there to stay.  In this book, Dennis Chamberland traces the history of the aquanaut from the first tentative 24 hour experiment in 1962 until today.  Surprisingly, a careful reading of the record of humankind’s penetration of the oceans reveals misdirected starts, misunderstandings of the human’s capacity to adapt and, eventually, a great abandonment of the quest.  But now, Chamberland unveils a visionary strategy and a fresh, new look at previous challenges that will soon open up the expansive undersea regions called Aquatica.  Here will arrive  21st century pioneers, colonists and families who will become the first Aquaticans in what may yet prove to be the greatest human adventure in all of history. 
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Pulling the Plug
Real Personal Energy Independence


One of the primary reasons for the failure of energy independence is the expectation that the homeowner must invest untold thousands of dollars to make any alternative energy system work.  This is nothing but an urban myth!  In Pulling the Plug, Dennis Chamberland demonstrates how every homeowner can make alternative energy systems work for them – one step – one plug at a time.  In this revolutionary approach, now every homeowner can begin making a difference today and not take out a second mortgage to do it!

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Dogs of Eros Damned

The very destiny of mankind is riding on the fate of one orphaned child...

It is the latter day of great kings and world empires.  The early 17th century world is  flame with strife amid the crumbling edifices of a dying renaissance.  It is a time of new  ideas – of dangerous notions that are sweeping the old world away forever.  From this  background of castles and the dominion of powerful men, two of the planet's weakest members unknowingly step out on to an eternal field of war commanded by forces that armies of mere humans can never hope to defeat - or even see. 

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Quantum Storms
Aaron Seven

The First of the Aaron Seven adventures - Quantum Storms is the story of the fate of planet earth and her six billion humans after the sun goes mad.  What will happen to the human race after the earth is baked with lethal radiation in a Quantum Storm?  There is only one man with the sheer genius and energy capable of saving a small remnant of humanity - his name is Aaron Seven.  Now available!

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Abyss of  Elysium 
Mars Wars

An action-adventure sci-fi novel that submerges the reader into an adventure of interplanetary survival on Mars.  When all communications with the earth disappears and there is not enough to go around - then two colonies will have to fight one another to survive.  Foreword by Astronaut Scott Carpenter. 

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Abyss of Space
Aaron Seven
The parallel novel to Abyss of Elysium – Mars Wars.  Here Aaron Seven daringly escapes earth with his family and friends.  He rides into space through the raging fires of nuclear annihilation onboard an antique missile.  And that is just the beginning.  Now he has to steal an interplanetary spacecraft from earth orbit and venture a hundred million miles to Mars before his air and water run dry.  Be sure and take your high blood pressure meds before opening this book, and don’t make any other plans once you begin reading. 

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The Proxima Manual
of Space Exploration

This book is actually a multimedia CD product that teaches the step by step details and mechanics of space exploration.  From planetary surface operations to operating a spacecraft to design of a space colony - this book tells the whole story.  This book has been used as a text for space exploration in high school and college classes.   Includes a big, compherensive audio and video library. In stock.
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Apocalypse Morning


The third Aaron Seven adventure:

The plague was not just uncontained – it was uncontainable.  It had originated from a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency laboratory as a genetically modified organism and was euphemistically tagged as a virus that was ‘inimical to higher life forms’.  The Defense Department’s own under-speak was partially responsible for the lack of judgment when it came time to keep the insidious little strand of RNA safely locked inside its glass tubes and dishes.  But after three very wrong moves in what the investigation described as “a serial failure of containment”, the nasty little organism ended up on the bottom of Staff Sergeant Polly Markus’ high heel, and eventually in a downtown Manhattan bar on Ladies’ Night Out.  In a mere 72 hours, more than 25,000 people were dead in the Naked City.  By the seventh day – and a fierce debate over whether or not to nuke the city (as they should have done no-later-than the 96th hour) – it was far too late for the planet.  The nervous-Nelly politicians and all the hand wringing in the world could no longer reverse what had become history’s ultimate fait accompli. 


Other New Books Coming
from Dennis Chamberland

Harlots of Neitherland Pride
The parallel novel to ALYETE - Dogs of Eros Damned

The next part of the saga of Alyete and Demian Constantine


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About Dennis Chamberland


ADennis Chamberland is a writer of more than 100 published articles in national and international publications.  As a Journalism Major at Oklahoma State University, Dennis began his writing career as a copy writer and broadcast journalist for Oklahoma Public Radio and has been a correspondent for National Public Radio on assignment.  Dennis won a United Press International Journalist of the Week Award in 1972.  He then began work for magazines and print journals in 1981.  He wrote landmark cover stories for such magazines as Christianity Today - writing a key story in 1982 that has been translated into several languages and referenced around the world.  Dennis has also published interviews with Scott Carpenter and General William Westmoreland.

Dennis transitioned to novels and books in 1994.  Dennis fearlessly writes both Christian and secular fiction with an equally adept flare and reminds his critics that such literary giants as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein blazed this audacious trail before him decades ago.  To review Dennis' Christian oriented work, click here .

Dennis is a scientist, engineer and explorer and was named a Fellow of the New York Explorer's Club in 1992.  Dennis remain an active member of the Explorer's Club.

His primary focus is now almost exclusively novels.  He is the author of the ongoing Aaron Seven adventures as well as the newly developing Alyete series.

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