There is only enough life support for a few colonists stranded on Mars.  Now two colonies will engage in a bloody war for survival as the Martian winter begins to engulf them.

In the tradition of Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke, hard science returns to the Science Fiction genre in this nail biting,  scientifically realistic novel of ultimate survival on a distant planet.  When two colonies finally realize that there can be no rescue and no way out but fight one another or die, the ultimate battle for the survival of the human species begins.  But outside, the relentless and deep cold of the Martian desert begins to seep inside as the carbon dioxide snows and impenetrable sandstorms descend on them all with a vengeance.

Two colonies, one from the United States and the other from the Reunified Soviet Empire have constructed bases on Mars.  They are separated by over a thousand kilometers of Martian desert, the most hostile place any humans have ever dared to settle.  Their lives depend on constant resupply from earth even while they work day and night to develop independent, regenerating life support systems.  But when the line of communications with the earth goes dead - permanently - they are forced to come to grips with the horrifying realization that they are on their own and there is not enough to go around.  For the human race to survive, a lot of people are going to have to die... 

Abyss of Elysium is filled with the full sweep of human emotions from the bittersweet romance between men and women whose days are clearly numbered, the mystery of losing contact with all they have ever known on earth to the fear of a silent and cunning enemy.  The pages are filled with interplanetary intrigue, the race against an emotionless clock, a spectacular, savage wilderness and the specter of a war of insanity waged to survive just one more day.  It is a guaranteed one-day-read because you will not be able to put it down. 
Abyss of  Elysium

Hardcover W/ Dust Jacket - 480 pages
Softcover - 432 pages
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