Dennis Chamberland has been involved in the research, development and design of Advanced Space Life Support Systems and related processes considered for moon and Mars bases.  He is the designer of the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station, serving as its Mission Commander for seven missions on the ocean floor off Key Largo, Florida.  Chamberland was the Principal Investigator for the first crop of edible food planted and harvested on the ocean floor inside a manned habitat.

Dennis is a former United States Naval Officer, serving as a Navigator and Main Propulsion Assistant Engineer onboard a US Navy Frigate while stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  He also served the Navy as a civilian Nuclear Engineer at Mare Island and Charleston Naval shipyards.  Chamberland is a double alumnus of Oklahoma State University where he received his M.S. in Bioenvironmental engineering and has been an instructor in life sciences at Charlestonís Trident Technical College.

He is an active writer and speaker, having written over 100 articles and five books spanning the last two decades.  Some of Chamberlandís many works have been translated from English into Chinese and Braille as well as having been selected for various college and university textbooks and over a dozen reference works.  Dennis has been named a Fellow of the New York Explorers Club and has shared his adventures with audiences in such diverse places as high schools, various community social organizations, as well as the Harvard Club of New York and Princetonís Space Studies Institute.

Dennis is married to the former Claudia Schealer of Cocoa, Florida.  They have six children and divide their time between Florida and their beloved Stonebrooke in the Tennessee mountains.

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