Peter Traynor
The Chief Geologist of the American Mars Base, BC1.  Peter left Earth for good to settle on Mars and raise a family.  But Peter Traynor will become the unwitting lead character in an historic human drama and unavoidable catastrophe larger than any he could ever have imagined.

Ashley Alcyone Traynor
BC1 Life Support System Chief and secret wife of Peter Traynor.  Their passionate secret will nearly cost them everything.

Francis Linde
Meteorology chief.  Best friend of Peter Traynor.  He is the often calm observer and chief advisor to a planetary insurrection.

Tunishiawa See
Brilliant programmer and chief twidget of the colony.  What Toon will or will not do will make the critical difference between life and death.

Lassiter Lipton
BC1's famous, flamboyant and politically connected Director.  Unfortunately, Lipton has the leadership talents of a savvy politician with not a scientific bone in his body.  It is a deadly and explosive mixture about to ignite an uncontrolled political firestorm millions of miles from the home planet.

Lieutenant Mica Quinton
Leader of the tiny Marine Corps contingent on Mars.  Quinton is sharp, gung-ho and poised on the razor thin edge of insanity.

Sergeant Irving Brinker
Gunnery Sergeant Brinker, sometimes called Bubkis, but only by those who have a death wish.  Brinker hates Mars passionately and thinks his assignment is a waste, until called upon to save them all in a life or death battle with no weapons.

Suzanne Nikifortune
Administrative Assistant to the Director.  She is a beautiful, intelligent ambassador dispatched on an impossible and deadly mission that crosses over a thousand miles of trackless Martian wilderness no human eye has ever seen before.

Robert Kerry
Orbiting astronaut who must choose between descending to the unfolding chaos of Mars or returning to the absolute and mysterious silence of Earth.  Kerry knows he will die if he chooses the wrong path.

Brett English    .

Julian Covenant
Abrupt, brash and British to the core.  Covenant holds the keys to life and death for everyone and they all know he has cards he isn't showing.

Roman Adkins Thomas
Chief cook and dishwasher.  But RAT has a secret that will change them all.

Fabian Gorteau
Brilliant Nobel Prize Winning Scientist who has personal connections in the Soviet base.  But they are not communicating and he thinks he knows why.

Fyodor Stepanovich Kirov
Russian scientist and brilliant designer of the most powerful interplanetary nuclear reactor ever built.  But Kirov is holding tightly to a devastating  piece of information that he cannot share or he will be exterminated.

Zoya Anatolyevna Dimitrov
Cunning, unattractive and very dangerous leader of the Reunified Soviet Empire's base on Mars. Dimitriov has a plan that could kill every human on Mars, including herself.  She does not care.  She is totally committed to the affairs of the State.

Leonid Kravchenko
Sadistic butcher of the Reunified Soviet Empire.  They successfully got rid of him on Earth.  But now he will ply his trade on another planet.  Kravchenko is very good at what he does.

Aaron Seven
Brilliant scientist - impetuous and passionate space mission commander.  He is a certified and unashamed genius and everyone must count on him whether they like it or not.  Seven makes his literary debut in Abyss of Elysium.

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