Non sine dis 
animosus infans.
Horace 8 B.C.

 .(An adventurous child, thanks to the gods.) 

What follows is a scary foray into the ultimate hubris - the deliberate sketch of oneself.  It is not just  a process of self exposure to anybody who happens to stop by and read these words, but worse - an exposure of self to self.  Most of the time I hope it will be friends and friendly types who stop by and read.  But if not - then c'est la vie.  However you wound up stopping by - I fully understand and realize that I may appear grossly inconsistent to some, but that's okay.  That simply means that you haven't bothered to look deep enough and that your resolution needs improvement, because I am totally consistent to self - on most occasions.  Like my father before me and his before him, I abhor molds, labels and easy fixes on infinitely complex subjects - like personalities.  If you can't figure me out, that's okay too.  Like David and his son Solomon, I consider myself first and foremost a friend and son of God, but then, I also enjoy all that He gave me in life to enjoy, and I don't ever insult the universe by foolishly attempting to jam its Creator in a tiny, very ugly conservatively oriented box. Not only does He not belong there, I couldn't get all of Him in there even if I tried and, bless His heart, He wouldn't stay if I did.  And neither will I.  God bless as you explore.  Leave when you feel like it and drop me an email if you'd like.  I'd love to hear from you!

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