.REID STOWE - Part Two

In this second part interview, Reid discusses his life as an explorer and artist and how one synergizes the other.  Also discussed is the 1000 day route and how they will stay in touch with the rest of the world during this remarkable historic voyage.

A 1000 DAY VOYAGE:  Reid Stowe heads out for a 1000 day non-stop ocean voyage that will not only shatter the all the records before him, but will test his resolve and that of his crewmate on  a voyage that loks a lot like a Mars expedition in Part One of an exclusive Quantum Limit Podcast.!
JIM CLARK - Part Two
Jim Clark continues with an in depth discussion of the social pressures that invariably arise when a scientific issue is presented in the context a political forum.  He also discusses the lessons from history inherit in legislating science and merging the discussions of catastrophic climate change with political power.
JIM CLARK - Part One
Television meteorologist Jim Clark discussed the real-science of climate change, global warming,  man made vs. natural causes and the actual ability to accurately forecast in Part One of this QuantumLimit.com exclusive podcast.

Featuring Pluto New Horizons Mission Principal Investigator Dr. Alan Stern. The Podcast features an in depth look at the recent decision by the IAU to remove Pluto from the Solar System's planetary roster and the firestorm it has caused. 

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