1st Quarter 2014

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The plague was not just uncontained – it was uncontainable.  It had originated from a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency laboratory as a genetically modified organism and was euphemistically tagged as a virus that was ‘inimical to higher life forms’.  The Defense Department’s own absurdly protective and minimized jargon was thus partially responsible for the lack of judgment when it came time to keep the insidious little strand of RNA safely locked inside its glass tubes and dishes.  But after three very wrong moves in what the investigation described as “a serial failure of containment”, one microscopic organism ended up on the bottom of Staff Sergeant Polly Markus’ high heel, and eventually in a downtown Manhattan bar on Ladies’ Night Out.  In a mere 72 hours, more than 25,000 people were dead in the Naked City.  By the seventh day – and a fierce debate over whether or not to nuke the city (as they should have done no-later-than the 96th hour) – it was far too late for the planet.  The nervous-Nelly politicians and all the hand wringing in the world could no longer reverse what had become history’s ultimate fait accompli. 

Aaron Seven was called in by his mentor, the brilliant Nobel Prize winning scientist, Raylond Desmond.  His task was to help save a few who could possibly be shielded and protected from the extinction level event raging on the earth.  His daring plan: to send survivors to the moon and there in a secret lunar outpost, somehow survive until the contagion ran its course.  What none of them counted on was that the scourge of his fellow man was far more lethal than a soulless microorganism - and much more terrifying.  The tiny handful of survivors do not just have the pandemic to contend with and survive, but also a powerful, unseen nemesis whose sole purpose in life is to destroy them all.

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