Aaron Seven

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The first private citizen to notice anything amiss in the black void of space was amateur astronomer, Mitchell Calyute, observing from his homebuilt telescope in the Solomon Islands.  With an unbroken discipline, he was nightly engaged in a dedicated search for comets.  As such, he patiently and methodically examined his electronic images each day.  One evening during a careful examination, he noticed that just below Beta Centarus, a single 12th magnitude star had disappeared from the telescopic image he had taken just a few nights before.  He blamed his equipment, birds, bugs, satellites, clouds and aircraft - because stars simply did not disappear.  That very night, he attempted the same observation as before.  But instead of a single star missing from his plate, three more had disappeared in the same area in the span of just days, and one of the missing dots was a magnitude brighter than the first.  Quickly he repeated his observation once more and discovered that yet another star was now missing.  Now he was certain - it was no fluke and it was no observational or equipment anomaly.  The stars in the constellation Centaurus were vanishing.  Hurriedly, he wrote up his finding and emailed it to the Australian Academy of Sciences and made mention of it on his Amateur Astronomy blog.   

Three weeks later, Mitchell Calyute was found dead in his homebuilt observatory, shot twice though his heart.  The medical examiner ruled it a suicide.  A week later, the medical examiner himself disappeared as well as Calyute’s astronomy blog, as assuredly as had the dim stars of the southern hemisphere. 

What Mitchell Calyute had unwittingly discovered was the most closely held secret of all time.  The great powers of the world had discovered it a year before and had named it the ‘Tongue of Arawn’ after the Celtic god of the dead. 

Somewhere in the vast primal cloud of cometary debris far beyond the orbit of Pluto, orbited a massive, undiscovered planet.  It was long suspected of playing gravitational games with countless lesser bodies influenced by its orbital perturbations.  As they danced together in the cold void, the giant planet, estimated at four times as large as the Earth, would occasionally deflect an icy Oort object inward toward the sun as spectacular single pass comet.  On this occasion, however, planet X disturbed a cold cloud of interstellar dust of a rather odd composition that had encircled the sun in a highly elliptical orbit in near darkness and absolute zero for eons.  And in so doing, the great unseen planet’s gravitational fingers condensed it into a dense swirl of dust and hurled it toward the inner solar system. 

It was thereupon projected that it would ultimately achieve a stable orbit between Venus and Mars.  But when the earth began to orbit through it, the sand-like particles would never reach the earth’s surface.  Each of them would be instantaneously consumed in a brilliant curtain of fire originating in the upper atmosphere, visible around the globe as a brilliant streaming, undulant ethereal light that would make the auroras seem insignificant.  Unfortunately, in the process, the superheated particles would combine with rare atmospheric constituents and would create a toxic vapor that would inevitably render the human race extinct. 

In this fourth novel in the Aaron Seven adventures, humanity is faced with what seemed to be an altogether impossible challenge.  Yet there was one unlikely savant that had the answer that no one else dared to imagine.  With his genius and rare intellectual grasp of unfolding serial disasters, the reader joins with a few surviving humans in an astonishingly beautiful undersea colony.  Here you, Seven and his band of survivors will struggle to survive not just the capricious hand of fate dealt by an indifferent universe, but also the terrifying insanity of madmen who seek to become gods and to control or destroy what is left at any cost.

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