Dennis has been a fellow of the New York Explorer’s Club since 1992 and is the architect and chief design engineer for six undersea habitats including NASA's Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station that was used in a series of successful undersea missions off Key Largo, Florida in 1997 and 1998.  Chamberland has served as the Mission Commander for 14 undersea missions since 1994.  He is now the Expeditions Leader and Chief Scientist for the Atlantica Undersea Colony project which plans to launch the first permanent human undersea colony.  Dennis is also the skipper of the research submarine, the Dan Scott Taylor II, a 40 foot submersible that also doubles as an undersea habitat platform.

Dennis is a NASA bio and environmental engineer and has served as a staff scientist and Principal Investigator for several NASA investigations and led the NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Animal Care and Use Committee for 14 years.  He was also a design engineer for many components being considered for advanced life support systems for Moon and Mars bases.

Dennis Chamberland is the author of more than 100 technical and scientific articles and papers as well as many reference and popular science works in the past 35 years.  His many books cover subjects ranging from science fact to science fiction and action adventure, including the very popular Aaron Seven series.  He is also the author of books focusing on the spiritual contentment and wellbeing of his readers, called the “Children of God Series".

Dennis Chamberland is a very well received and inspiring public speaker, having delivered exciting talks to groups large and small over the nation during the past 25 years on a wide range of topics including exploration, adventure and personal inspiration.

Dennis is the father of six children and has been blessed with two grandsons.  He is married to his life’s partner, soul-mate and permanent dive partner, Claudia Schealer Chamberland.  The Chamberland’s share their residence between their homes in Central Florida, their Stonebrooke Estate in Tennessee, and various undersea habitats.
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