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The world is facing a growing and chronic energy crisis characterized by rising energy prices, declining productive capacities for oil and gas and increasing reliance on foreign oil as well as a deteoriating environment because of it all.  In the end, it means that what you pay for power will continue to rise and rise and rise. 

Worse than that, each of us are held hostage by political and religious ideologies that most of us do not fully understand or care about and that even fewer of us even come close to being in any agreement with!  And yet – many of these tyrants hold the keys to the life giving energy that flows though our homes.  Further, they control the price at their whim, draining our life wages without any notice.  And none of that even opens the discussion of huge energy conglomerates that control process and energy distribution with their profit making decisions!

Every home is made up of many plugs.  There are many devices plugged into your home outlets and they are all attached on one big wire that is attached to the public power system called “the grid”.  If you build a small solar system (as just one example) inside your property boundaries that lights your yard lights and pull its plug, you have just taken one step toward total independence.  You have just pulled one pug on the grid as you look around and plan for others.  You have just pulled the plug on the energy giants, the politicians and the tyrants.  With but a single step, you begin to untie your hands and unlink your own personal freedom from their fate, whatever they decide it will be.

This book will teach you how you can be your own utility, taking over one plug and one circuit at a time.  And that is the secret to doing it – one step, one system, one plug at a time.  That is the core reason for this book – to show you that you do not have to pull the big plug today, but that you can pull at least ONE small plug – and very soon!  And then after that, many more until you and you alone control your own power.