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Seven billion people are about to be trapped by raging solar storms blasting the earth with lethal radiation. Every living organism on the planet will be killed except a few who might be able to carve out a niche before the nearest star goes mad. But time is running out, the planet’s inhabitants are going insane and nothing can stop the onrushing cataclysm. There are only a few who might be saved and only one extraordinary genius up to the impossible task of pulling it off in time. His name is Aaron Seven.

From the depths of a spectacular underwater colony, QUANTUM STORMS will capture your imagination as Seven battles impossible odds - a sun gone mad, intense and lethal radiation storms, rogue submarines and a deadly world above that has gone completely insane. The catastrophe unfolded without warning. No one was insane enough to think that anyone or anything could stop the sun from erupting - and so it was all over, for everyone. There could be no second chances; there could be no turning back. In mere days, the closest star would go insane and sterilize the planet, and everything was going to die - everything and everyone.

In this first of a series, Aaron Seven makes his literary debut as an improbable hero - called to the Appalachian estate of his former mentor, Dr. Raylond Desmond. But Aaron Seven is not an ordinary man. Years earlier he had developed a theory of quantum stellar behavior that predicted the quantum storms would someday come. Aaron Seven is an extraordinary savant of quantum interactions - he can view them in his mind, formulate the equations and describe the processes in intimate detail. The fate of humanity has been entrusted to this man at the last moment.  All hopes rest on this one of binding convictions and the passion to keep them alive against all odds.


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