Departing Earth Forever
by Dennis Chamberland


Mars Colonization 101

Skies are Clear!

Foundation - Let the Revolution Begin

Purpose and Warning

Arbiter of Empire

Ready and Prepared


Let the Revolution Begin

Are We There Yet?

Why - 01



The Blind Alleys of Human Space Exploration

The Limits of Human Adaptation

A Brief Primer of Microgravity

A Brief Primer on Cosmic Radiation

Cosmic Radiation Measured in Deep Space

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

A Pretense of Knowledge

The Malpractice of ‘Failure is Not an Option’

The Blind Alleys of Human Exploration

Why 02



Understanding the Collapsing Exploration Paradigm

 Radically Divergent


One Earth Normal


Ethics and Blind Engagement


Expendable Astronauts


Breaking Down - Multimorbidity


Chronic Microgravity Exposure Etiology


The ALARA Range of Cosmic Radiation


Chronic Cosmic Radiation Exposure Etiology


Countermeasure Madness


Why Do We Persist

A Strategic Necessity


What We Risk

Why 03


Assured Success

Makling it Right

Preparing for Part Two




Co-opting an Alien Mind


The Power of Knowing Ourselves


Familiarizing the Unknown


The Mind of Hyman Rickover


Alien Mind


The First Principle of the New Worlds


A Relativistic Voyage to Lethe


An Empowering Philosophy


It’s the Biology, Stupid


Just Two


Artificial Gravity


Cosmic Radiation Shielding


Advanced Human Space Exploration System

Why - 04


Construct 5

Luna and Mars – Alien Worlds


Daring to Fully Conquer


Planetary Controlled Radiation Zones


Planetary Cosmic Radiation Shielding


Advanced Life Support Systems for Other Worlds


Advanced Planetary Habitats


Partial Gravity of Luna and Mars


Luna and Mars – Desert Planets


Luna’s Temperatures


Mars’ Relentless Freeze


Luna’s Near Vacuum


Mars’s Rarefied Atmosphere


Beneath Mars’ Carbon Dioxide Sea


Atmospheric Creep


Wind and Storms on Mars


Luna’s Cycling Fortnights


No One Expected a Pink Sky


Luna’s Toxic Dust


The Hazardous Regolith of Mars


Luna’s Underground Water


Mars Underground Water


Lifeless Worlds


Powering Other Worlds


Counting Martian Time


Weaving the Micro- Cultural Fabric

 Why - 05


Construct 6

Escaping Ourselves

Leaving Earth Forever


Your Mars Colonist Application


The End as the Beginning


Why – 06




Continuing On


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