The League of the New Worlds announces the start of the Leviathan Project – the design, construction, testing and deployment of the first recreational undersea habitat built for novice and professional SCUBA enthusiasts and serious divers.

The Leviathan is a two man undersea habitat designed for two modes of operation: novice and professional.

In the novice mode, the habitat is designed for weekend outings in lake or ocean destinations around 25 feet in depth or less.  The depth limit is selected to prevent decompression sickness upon return after up to 48 hours on the seafloor.

The Leviathan is an underwater dwelling that features a command and control center, a sleeping, entertainment room and kitchen as well as a shower, bathroom and wet room.  The Leviathan also features a refrigerator, air conditioner, a full suite of interior and exterior lighting enhancements as well as a fully enhanced audio and visual entertainment center.

The undersea habitat is trailered and launched like a boat from an ordinary boat ramp.  It is towed to its destination and then descends for a weekend of endless scuba diving or just the ultimate getaway hideout on the ocean floor.

The Leviathan is also designed as a deep water outpost (beyond 21' fsw) for professional decompression saturation diving.  In this professional diving mode, it has literally no depth limitations.  The Leviathan is being designed to be utilized as a habitat to construct the Challenger Station habitat - the largest habitat ever built and the hub of the world's first permanent human undersea colony.  In this plan, several Leviathan class habitats will be used simultaneously.

Check back here often as we update this page with the Leviathan’s engineering and layout sketches as well as the specification sheets which are all now under development.

We anticipate a first launch date and engineering tests of the Leviathan in 2009!

Yes - new custom built Leviathan model habitats will be offered to the general public for sale after its has been fully and rigorously tested.

A FAQ is being developed and will be posted here.  If you would like to be put on our mailing list for development news, please email us!

Click here to contact Dennis Chamberland, Leviathan design engineer.


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