he author’s expose made public in 2012 after fifteen years of the research about thousands of Americans secretly abandoned in Russia after World War Two, immediately led to Congressional and Senate hearings in Washington. Senator McCaskill’s hearings confirmed serious DOD/Pentagon misconduct, negligence and even criminal activities in its programs tasked to find these missing Americans. A new DOD organization was created in 2017. This organization has also failed to meet its congressional mandate.

As the Soviet Union collapsed in the late 1980’s, the author, then a senior intelligence officer in Washington, became involved in a Top Secret Soviet initiative to provide the Pentagon with KGB dossiers for tens of thousands of these lost Americans who had perished in the USSR a half-century earlier. This initiative was clandestinely shut down behind closed doors in Washington and then Moscow: and at a time when hundreds of these “long-lost Americans” were still alive at various remote locations across the former Soviet Union.  

Author’s Note: Today’s latest DOD organization charged to correct the failures of three earlier dysfunctional ones is once again a failure. Of tens of thousands still missing after a half century, DOD’s current well-paid embedded bureaucracy accounts for less than two hundred cases a year, and at a cost exceeding millions each, and…. over half these recoveries are sailors disinterred from the USS Oklahoma, Utah sunk at Pearl Harbor in 1941.  


“This is a superbly written and extensively documented expose. The author painstakingly researched what happened through little known declassified documents, memos, and letters. I can only imagine the agony that the families of such POW’s must feel toward their government for not only abandoning its POW’ s, but deceiving the families that their loved ones died when government knew they had not.”  K.H.Larson. (Captain, United States Navy Retired)

 “Robert Miller, a retired Air Force Intelligence Colonel and Defense Intelligence Agency analyst, deftly chronicles how the military industrial complex and American politicans left tens of thousands behind.” J. Hayes.

 “A heartbreaking true story of 25,000 of our abandoned captured servicemen. This book is a thoroughly documented story of our government and its politicians who abandoned our service personnel beginning in WWI, then WWII, Korea and Vietnam. J.L.

 “A government “Black-eye” betrayal of the 20th Century U.S. citizen solider. Outstanding and highly disturbing academic compendium of investigative reporting! This is the authoritative continuous story of the heart breaking government cover-up by the USA.” Hawkeye.

 “This is a must read. My brother is one of those Korean War Marines that was stubbornly listed as KIA, but we now have declassified proof that our government always knew he was a POW. Robert Miller has written the bible on how disgraceful American conduct has been to its soldiers held in secret camps around the world, and for that he is to be commended. But if you read between the lines I think you will find that this task he has taken on is driven by both outrage and love.” R.F.

 “Bob Miller exposes key documents that have slipped through the ‘Classified’ barriers and he shares details that clearly defy the cover ups and misinformation spread by our government. You will be shocked by the numbers and impressed with his methodology. He documents sources and chronologically leads you through each event. What happened to our servicemen, the real truth is in still classified documents on the sixths floor of our own National Archives.” J.Z.

 “America’s POW/MIA problem is scandalous. Miller’s 2012 book clearly reveals a long time scandal never seriously addressed buy DPMO and JPAC or their superiors in Congress.” Beauty.

 “A scandalous expose, based on an incredible volume of recent declassified documents concerning some 25,000 captured American servicemen in German POW camps overrun by the Russian army in early 1945. Stalin shipped them into his GULAG and denied any knowledge of them. Washington accepted his word and declared them killed in action in Europe and their bodies never recovered!  Miller’s research exposes crimes for which punishment has been avoided in the United States and Russia.” M.M. 

 “America has long believed in the motto, ‘Duty, Honor, and Country.’ As Miller points out in this outstanding book, America seems to have left the ‘Honor’ part out a long time ago. This book is a tragic reminder of what can happen when the American people elect ideologues to high political office and fail to demand that the media hold them accountable for outrageous things such as those documented in this book.” C.E.C.

 “Five Stars.Thank You.” Debby Brown