egina's Agony: Love and War at the End of Aegina's Golden Age in 456 BC is the second book of a trilogy about the life and loves of Telamon the Greek in 4th Century B.C. Greece.

For a hundred years before 455 B.C., the small Island of Aegina in Greece’s Saronic Gulf was the superpower of that time. With the largest navy, hundreds of wealthy trading posts from one end of the Mediterranean to the other, her coinage, The Aegian Silver Turtle was also the international currency of that era. Only Aegina then stood in Pericles way to achieve Athens Golden Age. A decade-long struggle ensued. Aegina was defeated and Athens eliminated all historical references to Aegina’s earlier fame and history, which remains the case today.

Forty years later, in 410 B.C., Athens herself was totally destroyed by Sparta, and todays Greek histories only contain an abridged history of Athens own inability to truly realize her destiny which she had denied Aegina.    



      "Another page turner from a superb story teller. The collapse of an ancient empire within a few years. A fascinating reality. Make America Great Again could fail as it did in the case of Aegina. And if so, who would write America’s story, Russia, China, Iran?  Failed diplomacy, lunatic leaders, secret agenda’s and a people in history also unable to determine truth from reality?"

    Jesse Hadley


    "Factual fiction par excellence. The Author’s second great book of a trilogy. It’s a must read about love, sex, war and betrayal in Ancient Greece as world powers struggled for supremacy and the termination of Athens Golden Age."

    Agnes O’Hallon


    "Being a history buff I told Miller to publish this story years ago. Today it would be a full-length feature movie. Everyone loves Pompeii, Santorini, but few realize how many such civilizations abruptly disappeared into history. Athens barely won is conflict and made sure Aegina’s greatness was erased from history. Want to be an armchair General, this is the story you have been waiting for."

    David  Anton Ellis, Col, USAF (Now Deceased)


    "The best historical novel of 2022. This book is hard to put down and to skip pages. We thought we knew History, and were challenged to look into it further. Athens Golden Age was not what most recall, nor her destruction of Aegina. The love story of Telamon and Souria in this second of a trilogy is one of the most beautiful of ancient history." 

    Ed and Lisa.


   "An amazing story. 2,400 years have passed and nothing has changed. Brave men still struggle against evils like Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam, and now Putin in his Ukraine insanity. Schools should make this book mandatory student reading. Miller knows of what he writes, I know, he and I went to school together sixty years ago in Iraq." 

    Farquad Al Salman


   "Aegina’s Agony is a fascinating page turner like Michner’s “The Source.” Aegina’s Agony is unique love story and a tear-jerker intermixed with a unique insight to how histories are remembered by those who win wars, then lie about those they defeated. This story demands you clear your schedule before opening the cover."



   "Author Bob Miller continues to excel in storytelling at its very best. Aegina’s Agony is a love story, adventure and historic fiction told in all of its sweeping majesty, gifted to us across the centuries in a tale that no reader will easily be able to put down!"         

    Dennis Chamberland