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orn in the United States and educated in Europe and the Mideast, Bob is the only American ever to graduate from an Iraqi University in Baghdad in 1964. Following commissioning in the Air Force he served initially with the Strategic Air Command’s “Arc Light” missions in Vietnam. Conversant in four foreign languages his follow-on postings included numerous back-to-back regional intelligence assignments to Iran, Germany, Greece and Cyprus. As Desert Storm got underway in 1990… he spent the next four years as Defense Intelligence Agency’s Mid-East desk officer in Clarendon, Virginia. In 1994 with twenty-eight years of service he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  He is a graduate of the Squadron Officer’s school, National Defense University, USAF’s Ballistic Missile School, and DOD’s Humint Case Officer Program, the Foreign Area Officer’s program, and Defense Intelligence Agency’s Attaché program with assignments to Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey.

In 1998 he ran for public office in Central Florida. Elected three times he served for twelve years through 2009. During this time he participated in numerous international security conferences as a speaker on national security issues in Europe, the Mid-East, Africa, South America and Canada.    

Bob serves on the board of directors of five American foundations. In addition to his many military awards and decorations, and those from his years of public service, his work for Christians at risk in and around the Holy Land have resulted in his award of the “Order of Merit” from the Knights Templar, and award of Grand Commander in the Vatican’s Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great.



(1)     Hadith: The Basics for Islamic Intolerance in the West (2018)

(2)     The Legal Dynamics of Women in Iran’s Judicial System (2016)

(3)     Iran’s IRGC: Nuclear Weapons and Caspian Security (2013)

(4)     The Ultimate Cyprus Solution: And U.S. Unilateralism. (2008)

(5)     Iraq’s Kurds and Turkey in the New Millennium: Cultural Conflict on the road to Kirkuk. (2007)

(6)     Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Prison: An American War Crime?(2005)

(7)     Abu Ghraib: An American Scandal, Who is Really Responsible)  (2004)

(8)     Iraq’s Solution: Four Federal Provinces and A National Oil Trust Fund (2004) 

(9)     An Oil Trust Fund: Key to a Future Democratic Iraq (2004)

(10)  Collateral Damage: American Depleted Uranium Munitions in Iraq. (2003)

(11)  Quo Vadis Iraq: Kurdish Dreams and Unviable Alternatives, (2003)

(12)   Long Term Impact of Chemical and Biological Weapons on Iraq’s Kurds: and          America’s Gulf War Veterans. (1998)

(13)  Pakistan’s 1982 Air Superiority Fighter Decision (1986)

(14)  Turkey’s F-16 Program Challenge (1984)

(15)  Guns versus Missiles in future U.S. Air-to- Air Combat. (1984) 


(1)     Available only in paper format for a twenty dollar charge to cover reproduction and postage.