ris Phillipou, a Greek Cypriot Captain, while working for the Greek military Junta in Athens in the early 1960’s, is recruited as a CIA case officer. When Phillipou recruits a young KGB officer in Moscow, the CIA informs the Junta they have concerns about Phillipou’s loyalty and the Junta orders his execution. He disappears and six years later, in 1978, the CIA’s station chief in Athens is assassinated. Then several more U.S. intelligence personnel are also killed in Athens, and all with the same U.S. Army Colt 35 weapon.

Today, decades later, some long forgotten classified CIA Greek files from Greece’s Junta-era disappear in Virginia. The FBI investigates and realizes the lost files relate to the leader 17 November, Greece’s most notorious terrorist organization. FBI agent LeBlanc is assigned to the case and pursues leads across Europe and the Mid-East… to the doorstep of Europe’s most feared Terrorist organizations still plaguing Europe in the twenty-first century.     

Author’s Note: As an intelligence officer the author made visits to Greece in the 1970’s before being relocated to Athens for six years through the mid-1980. One of his concerns was to find those responsible for November 17.  


“Bob Miller follows in the footsteps of Eric Ambler, Len Deighton and John Le Carre in exposing the shadow world of international intrigue, espionage and global terrorism. An essential read, shedding needed light on a dark world few know of have seen, and moral ambiguities facing those engaged in the game.” Jacques Paul Klein, Under-Secretary, United Nations. (Retired) and Major General, USAF, (Retired)

“Miller gives the reader he’s right there, where murder, treason, duplicity and perfidity play out. Cold shudders, bottomless wrath, and surging pleasure alternate as the surprising turns of these cliff hanging plots and counter-plots twist on to the very last page. This story is a mid-night oil burner difficult to put down. His plots are for the lovers of hard action.”  G. Rossback, Cold War Soviet analyst. Bremen, Germany.   

“Too real to be fiction – and too intriguing to put down. Miller has lived the experience and seen the deceptions!” John Zimmerlee, Chairman, United States Korean War POW/MIA families Historian.

“A tour de force of the shadow world – fast paced, sometimes raw and hard hitting – intrigue and uncertainty that makes it feel real.” Colonel Norman Abramson, USAF (Retired), United States Intelligence Service.

“One thing comes across loud and clear – Miller knows what he writes about. He knows the offbeat and exotic places, how real people react in unusual circumstances. His dialogue fits like a glove, be it Beltway jargon, Greek patois or sub rosa messaging. You never know where the action will take you, from Washington’s black tie dinners to slogging through the sands of the Negev. I’m convinced he writes totally from ‘been there and done that’ experience.” Michael Badzioch. Scientist and International Traveler Rapporteur. Texas.