ost of this fact based multilayered plot actually happened, including little known behind the scenes Cold War accommodations, intrigues and betrayals that led to the 1990 and 1991 failed Moscow coups, and collapse of the Soviet Union in the lead-up to Desert Storm, the fall of the Berlin Wall and death of the Warsaw Pact and .

The story opens with the search for a long missing American  nuclear scientist reported dead in Palestine in 1948, but still alive in Russia today, which leads to the heart of subsequent events swirling around the eventual fall of Gorbachev and Yeltsin… and emergence of Vladimir Putin’s ‘siloviki’s’ plans to arrange and preserve Russia’s centralized power in the post-communist era. 

Today these 1990 and 1991 Russian coups have brought about the dysfunctional international system struggling amidst a new world order of intolerance, terrorism and government corruption consuming Russian and U.S. democratic systems on their own home grounds.

Author’s Note: A knowledgeable associate of the author’s clandestine work in Europe observed that the ‘Russian Conspiracies’ is embedded in a real world framework, and written by an individual with inside knowledge of the inner workings  of actual intriguing plot. One ‘Deep State’ in Moscow collapsed for a while but not the other in Washington.


“Russian Conspiracies is more than just another novel of intrigue. Indeed it is a story embedded in a real-world framework, written by an individual with inside knowledge of the inner workings of its intriguing plot. Bob Miller has fabricated an exciting tale of real world mystery and intrigue that will keep readers awake all night turning pages.”  Dennis Chamberland, Ph.D, Retired NASA Scientist, Knights Templar.

 “Attention to detail is indicative of Miller’s years of personal and professional experience behind the scenes in the Mediterranean and Middle East. His imagery of places and events skillfully melds his own life experience, travels and observations with a wealth of dedicated research to put in place a chilling novel of time, place and adventure. Bob’s dedicated descriptions of people places and events brought back my own vivid recollections of elements with which I am personally aware in my own career. These memories combine to invest volumes of authenticity.” William Bale, Colonel, USAF (Retired). 32 Years with Air Force HUMINT Intelligence Service.

 “Another action-packed page turner that will keep readers riveted from page one to the last. Masterfully told this multi-layered plot makes the book hard to put down and will call for midnight oil. Bob Miller’s books get more captivating with each new thriller, and he is now rivalling the best names in the field of espionage and conspiracy.” George Rossback. International journalist, historian, writer. Worpswede, Gemany.

 “Miller’s signature writing style is fully developed in The Russian Conspiracies. Somehow he is able to transpose Joseph Stalin’s winter night’s sense of “shadows of eternity” and “chills of death”  44 years ago, into today’s glaring midday Mideast desert sun and then back again to Moscow, all the while keeping the shadows and chills center in the reader’ mind.” Michael Badzioc, Ph.D., Human Genetics, Houston, Texas.