elamon the Greek already ranks among the best factual/fiction thriller story’s from an area of the world which today is once again a cauldron of contesting regional superpowers still endlessly struggling for supremacy. Only the names of the key players have changed.

In the year 460 B.C., Pericles, Athens’ tyrant, seeks to destroy the nearby island city-state of Aegina, so Athens can realize its ‘Golden Age.’ This is a page turning romp through ancient history as, then master of the known world struggled endlessly to control its conquests in Cyprus, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. Telamon’s mission to save Aegina and his travels through the Persian empire of King Artaxerxes reads like today’s newspaper headlines: war, political intrigue, espionage and betrayal which transports him right into the halls of Persia’s power in the prelude to the arrival of Alexander the Great.

This is the first of a trilogy about Greece’s rise to power in the 4th century before Christ.  The sequels to Telamon the Greek, soon to appear in book stores in 2020 and 2021, will be entitled Aegina’s Agony, and Souria’s Song.



“An excellent read and a beautiful powerful love story. Bob Miller once again commands a forgotten but powerful sweep of history set nearly five centuries before Christ at the very focal point of human civilization. Miller, both historian and military strategist, weaves a tale that will entertain and inform through an epic love story. The first of a trilogy it is not to be missed.”

Dennis Chamberland

“Simply unique. Reads like a guide to who was who in the ancient Mediterranean and Asia Minor history with a beautiful plot about us humans.”

Jack Gerkovich

“An excellent story. This author’s earlier published expose’s were ball-busters for Washington’s bureaucracy. And now comes Telamon the Greek… presenting history as it really was. Wars, betrayals, misconduct and a few honorable men constantly involved in real and gripping conflicts.”

Gregory Roero

“A unique story of a debated historical outcome. Did Herodotus and Thucydides, Greece’s ancient historians of its Golden Age, really get it all wrong about Aegina. This author’s story suggests they may have been blind-sided by political realities of their era. A plausible story and well presented.


“A marvelous epic which the world should read. The cast of historical characters and trauma in Palestine, Babylon, Persia and Egypt, back then… are as real and insidious as the new leaders there today. I know because the author and I grew up out there, and not so long ago.” 

Laila Metti

“A brilliant opening chapter caught me by surprise. Then the same setting 2,400 years earlier! A fantastic story about ancient Greece at the dawn of its Golden Age. The epilogue prepares the reader for the second and third sequels to follow. This three part sequel, when finished, could make a fantastic TV series, like Downton Abbey and Outlander.”

Linda Watkins

 “Telamon the Greek,” is superior to any fact/fiction history on the NY Times bestseller list for many years now. The incredible thing about Miller is that he has already mastered six careers in his lifetime, military intelligence, warrior, arms merchant, diplomat, political leader, and now popular writer in multiple genres.

Larry Golden

“Great story. Well written. Couldn’t put it down and finished in two days.”

Keith Larson

“Riddled with original new insights. Like Waltari’s 1954 book, Sinuhe the Egyptian, Telamon’s fascinating story is based on the same arena, but some years later.  It too is an exceptional narrative of betrayal, intrigue and conflict among imperial regional powers. Expertly written and exhaustively researched. A must read.” 


 “A real page turner. Beautiful heroes being undone by scallywags. Even after thousands of years nothing out there ever changes, only the flawed characters of history. Trump could learn a lot about how to deal with the cretins in today’s headlines out there in Iraq, Iran and Israel.”

Sarah Seater

“A fast paced story of the characters and intrigue right out of today’s newspapers. A 2,400 year old saga of duty, honor and country when some sought to create a better world. You will not be able to put this book down until the last page, and then watch for its sequels.”