n 1942 U.S. Army Captain Paul Carter  (an alias), is on a secret World War Two mission to deliver gold for Chiang Kai Check’s Nationalist Chinese war against Japan. Carter is captured in North Burma and disappears into the Soviet Union’s Gulag. Washington declares him dead a year later. But Carter survives for a half century in various Siberian camps. In the 1990’s as the former Soviet Union disintegrates, Carter and hundreds of other long-forgotten American WWII prisoners captured by Soviet forces in Eastern Europe, Korea, and Vietnam, are being liquidated to hide a secret both Moscow and Washington want to forget.   

Behind closed doors in Washington rumors circulate about lost American POW/MIAs still lost somewhere in Russia. Captain Paul Carter, now in his late 70’s realizes he was illegally “written- off” by Washington in 1942. He escapes “Camp Z-5”, in Siberia, acquires a new identity and makes his way to Canada and then to the United States to seek revenge against those who betrayed him.  

Paul Carter’s story of revenge is set amidst an incredible half-century old cover-up which is still being orchestrated by America’s POW/MIA bureaucracy supposed to be looking for these thousands of Americans still imprisoned not only in Russia, but Korea and Vietnam as well.

Author’s Note: This factual-fiction novel was written when the author was warned of legal action for his research on his second book, “America’s Abandoned Sons,” about thousands of Americans lost in the Soviet Union after World War Two. The government’s threat was later withdrawn when Congress called the legal action, “the greatest white-wash of American history.”   

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*(Names withheld for attribution concerns): This fiction story is based on declassified government POW/MIA cover-up documents legally obtained from the National Archives which were then secretly re-classified in the late 1990’s. Washington then advised the author not to expose the cover-up or face national security violations.