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On the surface of Mars, all signals from Earth cease without warning and with no apparent cause.  One minute the Earth is the brightest radio source in the known universe - the next minute it is as if the third planet from the sun had never existed at all.  To the relatively new, first human colony on the Red planet, self-sufficiency is a distant dream. If Earth ceases to exist for whatever reason - their own days are likewise numbered.  Without periodic resupply from the home planet, they are irrevocably doomed.  For the human race to survive, a lot of people are going to have to die...

Across the planet, lies the only other colony on Mars from the Reunified Soviet Empire, separated by over a thousand kilometers of hostile, deadly Martian desert.  When they conclude that there can be no rescue and no way out but fight one another or die, the ultimate battle for the survival of the human species begins.  Outside on the trackless planetary deserts of Mars, the relentless and deep cold of the Martian winter begins to seep inside as the carbon dioxide snows and impenetrable sandstorms descend on them all with a vengeance. 

Dennis Chamberland, former NASA space life scientist and advanced life support systems engineer, as well as master storyteller, weaves together an epic interplanetary mystery in an action adventure tale on Mars.  Told by an expert in space colony systems design with up-to-date science and engineering experience, Mars Base One is the premier hard science fiction story for the 21st century, inevitably to portend tomorrow’s headlines.     

Mars Base One is filled with the full sweep of human emotions from the bittersweet romance between men and women whose days are clearly numbered, to the mystery of losing contact with all they have ever known on earth, and the fear of a silent and cunning enemy intent on destruction and domination.  The pages are filled with interplanetary intrigue, the race against an emotionless clock, a spectacular, savage wilderness and the specter of a war of insanity waged to survive just one more day. 

Mars Base One is the completely updated version of the bestselling novel, Abyss of Elysium, released in 2004 and forwarded by Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter.  Mars Base One has been updated with all the known Martian science and conditions that were unknown in 2004, making this edition of the story totally realistic and accurate.  The earlier versions of Mars Base One can be found in many of the Earth based Mars analog bases across the world as well as most of the undersea habitats on planet Earth.

This is the first book in a two-book series of parallel novels. Its companion novel is Abyss of Space, available here from Quantum Editions.  

Mars Base One will be available fall 2020!

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