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It was the most terrible hour in all of history.  Perfection and purest innocence struggled against the deepest treachery of all of eternity, battling for ultimate universal supremacy.  They warred together but for a single terrible hour.  It was the greatest clash of the most powerful created beings in the universe against the Creator Himself.  The final toll was unspeakably appalling and measured in countless thousands of eternal destinies streaking to earth in a terrible roiling cloud of the damned.  And yet, it was from this initial infinite tragedy that the first day of humanity would ultimately measure its own genesis.  And so it was that the fate of one fallen angel would become inextricably linked to every human fate thereafter. 

From the desolate plain of Samarra in northern Mesopotamia some six millennia before Christ, a single fallen creature arose from the ruined.  His whose name was Boriel, which in his tongue was now scornfully translated, “The Purity of IAM”.  He was caught up in the terrible toll of those eternally bereft of hope to wander forever the trackless wastes between two estranged dimensions.

Almost eight thousand years of hopeless drifting passed when Boriel stumbled upon a lost and dying young woman in the dark, wolf infested forests of Italy.  It was at this improbable moment that Boriel would uncover a priceless treasure he had long thought was hopelessly and forever gone.  Boriel would discover whether redemption was actually in his grasp.  But just as it was in his reach he would have to make the most terrible decision any created being was ever called upon to make.  And upon his decision, the future of all mankind would rest, as would the fate of his own eternal destiny.