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This story is based on the true account of a young American Indian Cherokee boy lost on during a government displacement of his tribe.  He was adopted into the family of German settlers and eventually became one of the first Native American physicians to Indian Territory. 

Whole nations come and go.  Powers rise and fall.  Civilizations and peoples are winnowed by time and circumstance down to the last survivor, and then they too disappear into the everlasting void.  But there are still eternal marks made and purposefully left for the land of the living.  And those marks are the living flesh and blood descendants of those who are forever gone.  While I do not wear the clothing of my great grandfather’s fathers, I am not so foolish to have forgotten, or to have despised, their legacy that is mine for the keeping, or likewise mine to abandon.  And that legacy is found in their stories – in his tale – this account of a remarkable man that now lives on in the flesh of his descendants and in the hearts of all those who follow after. 

This is a story of primal loss, of renewal, of life and of ultimate challenge.  Here is the account of an outcast who became great to a few, who like him willingly chose the life of an outcast on a vast rolling plain once called the great American desert.  A dark skinned savage with no place in a white man’s world who, but by the grace of God, saved many and reserved the destiny of his descendants under the great black, star sprinkled canopy of the Oklahoma plains.  This is the story of my great grandfather.