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Invisible to every telescope on the planet, a dark tongue of cosmic dust raced toward the solar system, reaching up at cosmic speeds from the southern hemisphere.  The tongue was narrow by galactic measure but it would collide with the sun and her planets, and in the process blot out the light from the sun.  The size of the cloud was not just narrow, but also relatively small - less than a smuge on the Milky Way map.  It would eventually drift through and past the solar system in no time at all - a mere 300 years, but far too late for humanity.  All would perish, deep frozen in a liquefied rain of nitrogen and oxygen that itself would eventually freeze solid, covering the planet with frozen gasses some 300 feet above sea level.

It appeared to be an unavoidable fate for all living species.  The dark cloud would blot out life-giving sunlight and the earth would freeze near absolute zero in the total darkness. 

And yet, there was one chance at escape for a few.  Unknown to all, Aaron Seven had already planned for this ultimate assault and engineered a warm cocoon of life on the distant but largest asteroid in the solar system – Ceres - if they could launch before the rain of dust prevented their escape.

But on a remote, tiny lunar base, yet a second group of survivors struggles against time as the sun begins to fade into the vast darkness and their life support system falters.  They too will perish unless they can communicate with a bizarre distant signal broadcast from the outer reaches of the asteroid belt and somehow arrange a rescue.

In this fourth Aaron Seven novel, Seven does what he does best – wrest the ultimate survival of humanity against ultimate odds and a relentless clock that waits for no man.