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The Undersea Colonies of Aquatica, picks up where Undersea Colonies left off and looks ahead as far as we dare into the future of permanent human undersea colonies, settlements, communities, cities, nations and empires.  But instead of writing allegorically, the book is written as a kind of technological and social prophesy, peering through the mists of future time into a new and astonishing world that lies just ahead of us all.

Today, as has been true since the dawn of man, not a single human lives permanently in the undersea regions of the earth.  That will soon change.  It is changing now.  This book describes in detail that there will not just be human settlements in seafloor colonies, but many different kinds of settlements in the oceans. 

From massive ocean cities with populations in the millions to small, rugged and independent colonies founded for many reasons – independence of thought, religious and political reasons.  There will be purely scientific settlements, massive military bases as well as small undersea villages hovering thousands of feet above the ocean floors, suspended by cables from submerged mountain tops, as well as human colonies that drift with the global currents totally submerged but completely in motion, circling around massive hemispheric sized gyres.  And if history has any predictive capacity, there will also be rouge colonies and lawless settlements whose sole purpose is to remain hidden in the vast darkness of the ocean depths.  There will be mining villages and colonies beneath the polar icecaps.

The future of the ocean depths is as open as any frontier on earth and ready today for the first expansion onto the great empire it will soon become. 

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