The League of the New Words was founded in 1989 by Dennis Chamberland.  The idea is simple – to use the oceans as an analog for space exploration – designing the components of advanced life support systems so that while the oceans of the world are being settled, the spin-off technology can be used in space applications.  It is a true league of technology and exploration, forging the components of the frontiers of the new worlds of ocean and space into a single effort.  But is is equally a league of extraordinary people – all of whom are just a little "off-center" from the typical everyday man-on-the-street.  We are all interested in leaving the planet together… and never coming back - not your average man-on-the-street sentiment.Leaving the planet has at least two meaning as far as we are concerned.  One obvious meaning is living out one's life in space.  But another, far less media focused meaning is leaving the dry land for the undersea regions of planet earth.  Here we can build colonies and eventually cities of permanent human undersea dwellers of earth’s vast aquasphere.The League of the New Worlds has a boldness about it.  But it also has an essence that links a past generation to the present.  We just call it “the League”.

The League’s first founding member, after it was merely days old, is Joseph M. Bishop.  He has remained one of the true faithful over they years and has served in the capacity of the League’s Chief Engineer.  After Joe, there have been many who have come and gone –but most of our original membership and consulting board has remained with us.

The League is incorporated in the state of Florida, and in 1991, it was granted the Internal Revenue Services’ 501(c)3 designation as a noon-profit corporation.  As such, it forms the legal and corporate framework for the Atlantica Expeditions and all its activities.

The League has been very active during this period, designing several undersea manned habitats, participating in the design of others as well as researching and building components of manned undersea systems.


The League's Symbol, shown above, represents the new worlds of ocean and space together in the same frame.  Shown in the image are two manned habitats - one undersea and one in orbital space.  Both habitats depicted are identical, representing the sharing of research, technology and innovation between them.


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