“A spellbinding read — game changing views, superbly
 written and illustrated, and a bold charge to
civilization's spacefaring future!"

- Dr. Alan Stern
Principal Investigator for the New Horizons Mission
to Pluto and former NASA Associate Administrator
for the Science Mission Directorate


“Captivating… provides a convincing portrayal of
 the future rewards of space travel for humankind.”

- Dr. David W. Miller
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
University of Illinois, Bionucleonics
North American Technical Center Director, ISOE,
 International Atomic Energy Agency

“We should carefully consider these facts and
 arguments as if our future as a species depends
on it. Because it does!”

- Mike Hall
Major General, United States Air Force (Ret)

“A hyperintelligent lesson on the dangers we face as
our explorers prepare to embark on a
journey of uncertainty”. 

 - James F. Reed III
Brigadier General, United States Army (Ret)


Space is a relentless, unforgiving toxic environment
(as so eloquently described by Dr. Chamberland)
 and until Spacecraft engineering mitigations are in
place (which they are not currently), no informed/sane
Agency or entity should fly unprotected humans
into deep space. A superb read!”

- Charles Smallwood, MD, MBA
Medical Director, Kennedy Space Center Occupational
Medicine and Environmental Health Services 


“A brilliant expose... the Bible for human space
exploration beyond our moon.“

 - LtCol  Robert S. Miller
United States Air Force (Ret)

“A chilling warning and potentially fatal end game to
humanity’s reach for the stars.
A siren song on steroids.”

- Jim Bacquet
Nuclear Health Physicist (Ret) 

“It's a rare author who underemphasizes the
magnitude of his work, but Dennis Chamberland
 has done just that. The work could easily be titled
Chamberland's Rules for Interstellar Exploration,
and it should go down in history alongside such
notable works as Asimov's thoughts on robotics. 
When a Zefram Cochrane finally arrives on the
scene, this book should find a spot on his bookshelf
 as well as that of every aspiring astronaut and
explorer who preceded him.”

 Dr. Milind Ramesh Limaye
Physician and Commercial Airline Pilot

 Dr. Chamberland writes with a passion and a
 vision for the future that is seldom seen in such a
 scholarly undertaking, and I urge all readers to
 approach these volumes with an open mind.
A new path lies before us all,
if we have the wit to take it.

-  Joseph M. Bishop
Former DOD Nuclear Engineer - Aquanaut Engineer

“Departing Earth Forever represents a deep and profound
 vision of a new frontier offering solutions presented in
ways that a non-scientific person can grasp.”

- Dr. Glenn Galtere

“Dr. Chamberland invites the reader into a thought
 provoking conversation that will alter perspectives
 regarding exploration beyond our planet.”  

- Donna J. Corley, Ph.D.

“Exciting… engrossing… one of the most
courageous books of our time.”

Barbara Cox
NASA Management and Program Analyst (Ret)
John F. Kennedy Space Center

“Dennis Chamberland sounds a stunning and
unambiguous warning while offering clearly
articulated and viable solutions as humanity races
toward sure calamity in human space exploration.”

– The Lifeboat Foundation


“…a gripping, truthful, insightful, and
spellbinding composition.”

– Dr. Dennis Steindler
Former Executive Director
 of the McKnight Brain Institute

“Dr. Chamberland provides the missing manual
on NASA's development culture, outlining the
problems in the engineering organization that need
 to be addressed for safe travel and rapid
 development in space.  A must-read for anyone
 considering the trip themselves, and a should-read
 for anyone wanting to understand the numerous
 challenges with long term extra-orbital space travel.

J Marshall Presnell
Systems Architect

…unabashedly identifies the flaws in NASA’s current
 deep space human exploration paradigm that, unless
altered, will result ultimately in failed
missions and loss of life.

- Tim Novak

“Departing Earth Forever brings out strategic points
 that need to be taken to heart for humanity’s survival.
Dr. Chamberland lays out a shocking surprise –
'We don’t know as much as we thought.'

COL Christine V. O'Donnell, RN
MSN United States Army (Ret.)

“Departing Earth Forever sounds the boots-on-the-
ground experienced voice of safety for future space
exploration, delivering workable solutions and solid
guidelines…a must read.”  

Dr. Ken Babington

“Dennis Chamberland draws on his wide ranging
 scientific background to write the primer for deep
 space travel that is readable by the layman - yet
 technical enough to provide a cautionary tale for
 the experienced space scientist. This is the dawn
 of an era when we will see much of the content of
 the book become reality as man prepares to expand
his quest for new horizons.”

- Buddy Oakes