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Inside a Docking Collar Mockup of the
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As a Radiological Team Member Beside the Mars Bound Curiosity Rover

Aquanaut Dennis Chamberland


A frequently requested favorite speaker during his nearly 30-year engagement with the Kennedy Space Center’s NASA Speaker’s Bureau, Dr. Dennis Chamberland continues to inspire and enthrall groups across the nation and Canada. His status as the leading expert on undersea colonization and position as an experienced record-holding aquanaut adds expanded diversity to Dennis’ popularity. With his ability to communicate complex ideas in an interesting, intriguing, and easily understandable way, Dennis actively speaks to audiences ranging from elementary school students to numerous diverse professional conventions. He has even conducted virtual speaking engagements from the seafloor. His casual, personable speaking style, seasoned with his intimate experience with some of the most exciting human exploration activities in history, is sprinkled with humor and accompanied by many personal accounts from inside the Space Agency and from undersea expeditions. Dr. Chamberland is known for his ability to immediately connect with his audiences and will have any group sitting on the edges of their seats. His Ask-Me-Anything question and answer sessions at the end of his talks are always a favorite with every group. And, as a best selling author, Dennis also engages his fans with readings and personal insights into his literary works.

Available Topics for Dr. Chamberland’s presentation (each comprehensive topic is presented with a full suite of audio-visual accompaniments):


Safely Departing Earth Forever

The Primary Reasons Why We Will Depart Earth Forever

The Way Humans Will Depart Earth Forever

The Show-stopping Problems with Microgravity and Cosmic Radiation
And How to Fix Them

Overview of All Human Space Exploration

The Apollo Missions

The Space Shuttle Missions

The International Space Station Missions

Current Review of Mars Exploration

Future Human Missions to Mars

Our Sister Planet – Venus

A Tour of the Solar System

Human Expansion Beyond Mars

Mining Space – Luna and the Asteroids

Effects of Cosmic Radiation on The Human Brain



The Atlantica Expeditions -
First Permanent Undersea Colony

A Day In The Life Of An Aquanaut

NASA’s Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station – Concept to Missions

Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station Space Shuttle STS-86 &

STS-95 (John Glenn) Concurrent Missions



Departing Earth Forever

Thriving in the Days of COVID-19

Aaron Seven Apocalypse Moon Series

Aaron Seven Quantum Storms Series

Aaron Seven Abyss of Space Series

Mars Base One – Abyss of Elysium


Unique topic requests will be considered.


Note: Dr. Chamberland is available now to conduct
any of these topics virtually.


Any subject may be virtually broadcasted to your group from the ocean floor (currently booking virtual undersea engagements for Summer 2021)!





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