Celebrating the Life of

by Christopher Chamberland - Grandson

Grandfather was not a proud man, because a pious and learned old soul such as him would never allow it. Grandfather was not a lazy man, as he had an aversion to sitting still and letting things go un-done. Grandfather was not only a doting husband, but a stern - yet caring - father and an ever accepting and always loving grandfather to his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, regardless of their petty and childish personal circumstances. He was always there for us, and will serve as a true role-model for many generations to come.

I have many memories of visiting with him and his beloved wife Grandmother (and she refuses to be referred to as anything but), mostly over the Holidays. Each and every single one of those memories are pleasant, and sweetly heart-warming. I always expected and received a genuine hug and welcome into his home, no matter how long it had been since I was there. He was always genuinely interested in what I had going on in my life, and was always quick to offer his sage advice to aid in my walk along life's path.

He will be deeply missed, and will continue to serve as a true role-model as to what a true stand-up guy should always represent: loyal to a fault, loving of all family, honest and above all else a man of honor with deeply held religious convictions that guided him and molded not only his decisions, but his actions.

May he rest in true peace-