Celebrating the Life of

by Claudia Schealer Chamberland - Daughter


I thank my Heavenly Father for the wonderful gift of 55 years with Richard Burns Schealer as my earthly father. Through his genetics, example, instruction, and countless hours of prayer, he helped mold the person I am now.  I was blessed to be able to share time with him as a work helper, dive partner, sharpening our wit, listening to his stories and loving his family.  And with faith as the foundation of his life, we always discussed our God, His Word, our Lord Master and our Beloved Betrothed – Holy Spirit. 

    We would marvel that Jesus readily accepted to stand in our place and take the just punishment for our disobedience so that we could stand behind Him when our Perfect God would examine our life to see if justice had been paid for each and every sin, and we would be found blameless.  

    We rejoiced that we did not have to earn or deserve that wondrous free gift, because we knew so profoundly that we never could.  

    We remembered with joy when we had surrendered to Jesus as our Lord Master by accepting His sacrifice on our behalf and asking Him to assume control of our lives.  

    We marveled that we received in return: joy, ultimate freedom, abundant life and unconditional Love.  

    And we grew in the strength of the knowledge that His promises are true and faithful – eternity will be shared with Him!

    I have not lost my father.  He has proceeded me on a trip – the most adventurous that we shall share – and I KNOW that I will join him for the duration!