Celebrating the Life of

by Jonathan Coleman - Great Grandson

(This is a copy of some of the written comments of Jonathan Coleman, Richard Schealer's Great Grandson, then 20 years of age, at the Schealer Family's Christmas Celebration spoken to the assembled family and Richard Schealer on December 25, 2012.)

This family is consisted of the most loving people I've ever met.  Everyone here  creates the most idealistic atmosphere to be a part of for Christmas, and for that I'm  thankful beyond any of y'all's imagination.  Anyone would love to simply be associated  with this family and I have the privilege to call myself a part of it.  I think I speak  for everyone when I say that Grandfather is by far the most intriguing and respectable  man anyone has ever met.  So not only do I feel blessed to call everyone here my family,  but that I feel divine just being in the presence of Richard B. Schealer.  Although I have  not directly expressed this to him, I live every day hoping to become more like him.   Everything he stands for is everything that is good in this world and I pray that  everyone I meet is influenced the same way that I have been by you, Grandfather.  I'd like to  think that you're sitting there thinking about how much you love me.  But, Grandfather, you  simply cannot fathom the amount of love and respect I have for you.  It's hard to balance  the ambitions of a foolish teenager with the aspirations of being great like Grandfather,  but I find that through a loving family the perfect homeostasis can be accomplished.  So I  ask myself what am I thankful for?  I'm thankful to have such a great family.  I'm thankful  to be sitting in front of all of you this morning.  I'm thankful that this circle only  grows and never shrinks. But above all I'm thankful God blessed me with enough time to  mature so that I can tell Grandfather how I really feel about him and how much he really  means to me. You're a living legend and will always be in my book, and I over see all.