Celebrating the Life of

by Lydia Sparks - Daughter -in - Law

 Thank you

I am not a person of many words
Most times I don't know what to say
Right now mere words are inadequate
to express the admiration I will feel for you always

You accepted me into your home...
into your family with open arms...
how could anyone ever feel alone
in a family with such strong bonds 

You saw to my comfort when I stepped through your door
I could feel the love emanating through the walls into my pores
while letting the cares of the world fall to the floor
flying...careening out the front, side, & back doors 

I loved to sit and listen to the stories of yesteryear
of times gone past of a family I now hold so dear
of remembrances of little children
scampering and running around with joy...
including mine...
it saddens me to know we will be apart
until we see you in heaven once more 

I hold both you and mom in high regard
as to how you raised your kids
how you let them live their lives
make mistakes..work things out but never butted in
allowing them back into the fold
with nurturing arms & without harsh scolds 

You let them grow into their own
I only hope I can follow your lead
and allow mine
to grow up in that kind of home 

Thank you Mr. Schealer for all the love you have shown
Thank you for accepting me into your home
Thank you for the family I now consider my own
Thank you for displaying for all to see the
devotion that has produced such a great family tree
I will take your example and carry it with me 

 I never felt comfortable saying this while you were here
 and that truly makes me sad

 Thank you and I love you dad...

 Lydia Sparks