Celebrating the Life of

by Peter Chamberland - Grandson

Peter and Grafdfather - Eternal Pals

Yesterday my grandfather, Richard Burns Schealer, passed away. I've spent my whole life trying my very best to emulate him and work toward being like him, but now I understand that there will never be a man like him in the world ever again. He taught all of us in the family what it really meant to be a man, to love with all of your heart, to accept others unconditionally, and the importance of living a life of integrity, courage, and respect. 

I will miss him every day and take his stories and lessons with me for the rest of my life and try to impart his wisdom and caring into my son as best I can.

To be one-tenth the man and teacher that he was is all I can ever hope for in life.
His legacy lives on and will never fade; carried on by his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and the person he held more dear than anything in life, the only person as incredible as him, my grandmother.

"I love you, pal." Will stay with me forever. I love you too, grandfather. Godspeed.