Celebrating the Life of

by Vickie Whitley - Daughter

Where do you begin?  I am very thankful to have been fortunate enough to be born into the Schealer family.  We had a wonderful childhood.  I remember hiding behind the tiny post by the front door and waiting for dad to get home from work…..he pretended he didn’t see us and we would jump out and scare or “shoot” him and then tackle him, and all of us would end up in a laughing mass on the floor.  I remember goofing off and giggling in the bedroom when we were supposed to be asleep and all it took was dad out in the living room snapping his fingers to get us quiet.  He and mother attended all of my swim, track and cross country meets.  I remember camping, fishing and going diving with dad for lobsters.  I know that is where I got my love of the outdoors.  I also remember having to help him work on the car, or fix something that I thought would be better off in the trash, and worst of all, having to clean the garage!  

Richard Schealer was not a man to waste anything.  He taught me the meaning of being frugal and conserving which has helped me raise my family over the years.  He taught me how to work hard, which has helped me in my job over the past 30 years and in my marriage over the last 33.  He taught me to do things properly if I were to do them.  Dad taught me to respect others, to be loyal and courageous.  He taught me how to parent in his quiet and unassuming way.  He never interfered in our affairs and was always ready and willing when we asked for help.  

I knew that I could always expect to receive Godly advice and wisdom from my father.  Dad deserved respect and dignity.  Thank-you, Lord, for allowing my father to die in a way that maintained his integrity.  He will be sorely missed. 

I love you, dad, Vickie.